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    Relais Express | Restaurant Phuoc Ky

    The year 2000 marks the opening of a new Asian restaurant that has retained its reputation for its culinary expertise and know-how. Family for two generations in the restaurant field, the idea of ​​opening one in Montreal was not a difficult choice. It was instinctively passed down by the nature of things.
    7495 rue St-Denis, Montréal (Québec)

  • A restaurant to consider on St-Denis!

    We are primarily an Asian restaurant, which offers several regional dishes of China and neighboring countries. Combined in various ways with the ingredients at our disposal we present a wide range of flavors and unique dishes by the rules of the East. Let us marvel you, you will not be disappointed at Phuoc Ky!

    In Chinese culture, we attribute great importance to food, depending by the season of time, the harmony between the various ingredients and the health of the guests. A good soup before eating will open your appetite, a good lamb hot pot during the winter will allow you to face the cold temperature and a little tea after the meal to facilitate the removal of fat. It is actually in the tradition to weight and balance food consumption. A lifestyle that you can follow at your own pace.

    • Bo luk lak
    • Soupe au canard
    • Pho Saté
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    We are open
    from monday to saturday
    from 11h00 to 21h30

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    7495 rue St-Denis,
    Montréal (Québec),
    Canada, H2R 2E5

    Tél: (514) 278-8288
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